Monday, January 16, 2012


I apologize for being a day late on getting this posted for everyone. I was busier this last weekend than I had anticipated I would be.

I had a wrap party for Wrap and Lose on Thursday. I set up for the wedding show on Friday for Your Wedding Day Your Way and Wrap and Lose. Saturday was the wedding show which was amazing, there were a lot of brides and I had a great time hanging out with Laurie of  Laurie Landers, Vacation Travel Specialist and Stacy of         Stacy Chapin Thirty-One Independent Consultant.

Anyway, I know you all are waiting to find out what this month's giveaway is so without any further distraction, here it is...

This is a nice little comfort blanket that your little one can easily take with them any where they'd like to go.

This particular blanket is approximately 18"x18" and sells for $14.00 from Honie's Little Shop. Made from a soft flannel material it is a forest green on the back with assorted colors and dinosaurs on the front.

In order to be eligible to win you must do the following:

Follow my blog
Comment on THIS post

**While I would like for you to be updated by email each time I make a new blog posts so that you don't miss any, unfortunately, there is no way for me to verify that you are in fact subscribed that way. So you must follow by the "google account" following, where it has images of people who are currently following me.

Once the winner is announced (between the 1st and 5th of February) they will have 48 hours to contact me.

Good luck!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Overly sensitive?

For those that have children or work with children; how do you deal with your child that is overly sensitive?

My son will be 2 years old in April and I feel he's overly sensitive. It is so frustrating some times. I never experienced this with our daughter so its totally new to me.

When you tell him, "No." it is as if you have crashed his entire world. I'm not kidding. His bottom lip basically touches his knees and the look in his eyes is heart breaking!

Lets not forget the tears and the cry that goes along with that. That is like the icing on the cake.

It doesn't matter how you say no or what you're saying no to, it is the end of the world for him when he hears it.

There are times he'll come to me, lip out, tears falling, crying and screaming and demand to be picked up. By demand he'll stand with his sad face staring at me and his arms up in the air waiting until I do pick him up.

I of course pick him up to comfort him but some times I'm in the middle of things that he has to wait a moment and it makes it worse.

Any tips or tricks on how to prevent his world from crashing when telling him no or keeping him from doing something he shouldn't be doing??