Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Eve 2012

Well, it is the LAST Monday of the year! How crazy is that?! Time sure has flown by for me this year and I'm thinking that next year it might just do the same.

Yes, I'm aware that there is the same amount of time year to year. However, there are some years that for me seem to drag on, I can't be the only one, can I?! While other years just FLY on by!

I don't know exactly what makes it happen but it does. I think this year for me it was because of all the changes that took place in my life.

In April I moved with my two children from Oregon to Idaho and went from being a WAHM to a full time student.

June we moved out of my Aunt and Uncle's house and into our own house. At the end of the month my husband joined us after what seemed to be forever apart but was really only a few months.

August I finished school and in September I became a licensed esthetician. The beginning of October I started working outside of the home three days a week.

In November I became a certified medical laser technician and started doing laser services for clients. Of course there was Thanksgiving in there.

December, well its the last day!!! With the open house of the skin spa, continuing to work, figuring out Christmas and if I would start school in January after all, it didn't take long for it to be over!

Did 2012 fly by or drag on for you? Do you think 2013 will do the same?

I'm definitely looking forward to 2013 and all that is going to take place for myself and my family! I couldn't be more excited!!!

Happy New Year to you and yours. Hope you all are safe tonight and remember, don't drink and drive. It isn't worth it!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Juggling work, the kids and everything else!

How did you juggle everything?!

I'm finding this adjusting period a little exhausting and difficult. I've not yet found the "perfect" solution but am hoping with some time and patience it will be a smoother process soon!

I went from being a SAHM to basically a single parent and going to school. Then my husband joined the kids and I in Idaho. It made things a little easier.

I completed school and got my Esthetics license. Started work and am trying to juggle home life and working.

Recently I became a certified medical laser technician. So I'm now trying to juggle that with my Esthetics and everything going on at home.

I'm finding that the little time I had for myself is even less. I'm not sure if that's what is making it so exhausting or if it is that I'm not used to going out of the house 3-4 days a week. Yes, some times it is more than that, but not always.

I have used some great products in the last few months that I would love to share with you all, but there isn't time. I even did some freezer cooking and I took photos, but haven't had the time to upload. It could be a little bit of a time management issue, but for the most part, I don't think it really is that.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vista Print savings!

Do you remember seeing this photo on my Facebook page?! 

I saved over $99.00 and only spent a little over $33.00! 

Would YOU like to know HOW?! Good, I'd be happy to tell you! 

Every once in a while (I'm not sure exactly how often), Vista Print puts out a Living Social advertisement. Its a FANTASTIC deal really! You pay $10 and get $50 worth of Vista Print materials. 

What makes it EVEN BETTER is that you are then given a personal link to share how you wish. It doesn't matter if you write it down and give it to someone, put it on your Facebook or even email it to people. 

If a total of 3 people purchase the same deal using YOUR link, yours is FREE! That's right, they'll refund your $10.00. You of course still get the $50.00 worth of materials. 

I shared my link and 3 people purchased from it. I had my initial investment refunded to me. I logged into my Vista Print account of course and went to selecting items I wanted and needed and customized them to how I wanted them to be. 

I noticed at the top of the page that there was some "writing" in red. It read something along the lines of, "Spend $25 over your $50 purchase and get FREE shipping.". Well, that was a no brainer for me! 

Shipping on the items I had chosen for my $50 was around $25. So why not spend the money on something rather than spending it on shipping?! I mean these items don't expire, they don't go bad and I could always use them. 

So that's exactly what I did. I went and added more items to my cart, which is how I got my order total to the $33.92 and FREE shipping was automatically put in place. 

In case you can't see exactly what the photo shows:
                       Original price                                 You pay
Product total:                                         115.93                                          33.92
Shipping & Handling (14 days):            17.32                                            FREE
Total:                                                    133.25                                           33.92

I love saving money, even more so when I save MORE than what I spent! Thank you Vista Print and Living Social! And thank you to those that ordered from my link! 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

What a night!

A few days before Halloween we helped some friends of ours move from one side of town to the other. While driving between the houses, I remember seeing a sign that said something about a Halloween Festival. I knew nothing else other than what the sign showed, which I had to read quickly as I was driving down the road at the time.

Fast forward a few days and Halloween is here! Kids are all dressed up as is my husband and myself. We were off to go trick or treating for a little bit and check out the festival to see what it was about.

We went to my Aunt Gwen's house first as we weren't sure how long we would be elsewhere and my cousin Stacie wanted to see the kids before she went out to a Halloween party. The kids of course went for the king sized candy that was in the candy bucket. HAHA

Off we went to the festival to check it out. It was FREE. I was surprised. There was horses, inflatable bounce houses, food, treats, and more. It was fabulous to see something like that where you could go as a family and have a good time. The kids had a blast and they even rode the horses. It was their FIRST time ever riding a horse.

We were there for a little bit and then decided to go trick or treating down Harrison Blvd. OMGOSH, let me tell you, it was CRAZY. If you've seen the movies/shows that have thousands of people, that's what it was like. I'm not kidding. There were lines down the sidewalk up to the doors of the houses. It was like rush hour traffic, stop and go, stop and go.

Once we went up the street a couple blocks we headed back down to the car. It was about 7:45pm when we had arrived and almost 9pm when we left due to how many people were there. The kids had a blast though, they enjoyed it. One house had 130 pumpkins, CARVED, on their front porch. I wish we had my phone or camera at the time, but due to the mass amount of people and not having a purse, I opted not to take either.

Our final stop was at our friend's house. The ones that we helped move a few days prior. They only had two trick or treaters... so the kids made out like bandits. They got so much candy from Rik and Gillian, they were so happy. Little do they know, there's a candy tax for us taking them out. HAHA

This year's Halloween was by far one of the best Halloween's ever! I think if they continue the festival we'll go year after year and we'll most likely go to Harrison Blvd. again as well.

Our little Vampire and Simba the Lion. 
This was Boo @ the Zoo! 

Halloween: First stop Aunt Gwen's. 
The whole family! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Record Keeping...

I know how to balance a checkbook. I'm kind of clueless on the "easiest" and "best" way of keeping record of my finances when it comes to my business.

I have several items I have to purchase and there is no set time frame of reorders on those products like a restaurant may have.

I have several places that I get those items as I've shopped around to find the best price.

I accept several forms of payment; check, electronic and cash.

How do you keep track of the money you have coming in and the money you have going out?

Do you use a spreadsheet? A program? Maybe you keep a handwritten ledger?

What kind of work do you do? What categories do you have for where your money goes when going out?

Do you do an overview weekly? monthly?

If you have any tips or tricks on how you keep track that you would not mind sharing, I would be grateful and appreciate them all.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Didn't start school as planned!

For those that know and those that don't... I was supposed to start school on October 8th for the nail tech program.

I showed up at school all ready to go, walked in and was the only one there. I thought it was odd and wondered if I was late, though I was sure I was early.

FUNNY story... I wasn't late, I was in fact EARLY. Yup, I was early by approximately a month! HAHA

I didn't know that though. I had gone in on the 25th of September to fill out paperwork and that showed the start date of the 8th of October.

Little did I know and the person that was doing the admissions paperwork that they moved the class start date to November 5th. SURPRISE!

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise in more ways than one. It has allowed me time to get used to working and get familiar with how things are going to be when I start school. It has also made it possible for me to do Boo at the Zoo with my children and go Trick or Treating on Halloween with them too. SUPER WIN!

I'm so excited to be able to do both of those things this year. We've never done Boo at the Zoo as we've not been close enough to a zoo to participate before. We're in a new neighborhood this year for Trick or Treating so I'm anxious to see how it will go. I am pretty sure the kids will have a good time. They both know how to say, "Trick or Treat"!

Good things are happening and I couldn't be happier!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Finger Painting with Water Colors"

Yes, that's what I'm calling polishing my nails water marble style!

So, I learned about this way of polishing your nails a few weeks ago. Watched some videos on how to do it as I was so intrigued.

I'm happy to say that I actually took the time to do it for myself last night! They're not perfect by any means but they are pretty cool!

I used a greyish/white color, with a shade of green and black! Turns out those colors together almost look like camo!

I did my right hand first as I'm right handed. I realized after doing my right hand that I left out an important step which helped me with doing my left hand! I forgot the tape, tape is necessary for easier clean up!

Here are just a few photos of my adventures of "finger painting with water colors"! haha!

Colors I used:

A photo of before:

My right hand:

My left hand:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Holy gas mileage!

So, the family and I recently took a trip back home to Oregon. We left Boise Friday in the early morning (around 2am) and went back to Bend for the weekend.

We stopped in Caldwell at the Flying J (exit 29) and filled up with gas. We didn't make any stops for gas again until Sunday evening.

Going the speed limit is fabulous for your gas mileage. I read a tip on saving money from Pinterest and was a bit skeptical on it. It appears as though it is pretty accurate though.

Considering I speed a little (approximately 5mph over the speed limit in town (some times) and a little more on the highway/freeway, and normally don't see 400 miles to a tank of gas. I'd say there is a lot of truth in going the speed limit does save you money!

I can't believe the kind of gas mileage my car got! I haven't seen over 411 miles to a tank that I can remember, EVER. Not even in someone else's car.

My husband calculated the mileage that we got for the trip. It was approximately 31 miles to the gallon! Crazy right?!

Before filling up on Sunday I was wanting to go around the block a few times to see just how many miles I could get to the tank before my low fuel light came on. However, we didn't have time to do so. So the last record I have before getting more gas is 446.9 miles.

Here is a photo that I recently posted to my personal Facebook page. A friend of mine asked what kind of a car I have, while another asked how many gallons my gas tank held. My car is a 2007 Kia Spectra and the manual states it is 14.5 gallons for the tank.

As you can see there is 400.5 miles on the tripometer and about a 1/4 of a tank left to go. 

The next photo is the last one I took right before pulling up to the gas station. Notice the numbers and the fact that the low mileage light is NOT on :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crockpot...Dinner & Dessert!

Yes, that's right, the other day I made dinner AND dessert at the same time in the crockpot! No, it wasn't the same crockpot, I had two that I used.

It was great though. I did the prep on dinner and got that in the crockpot and then I did the prep on dessert and got it into the other crockpot.

Once that was all done I was able to go and study like I needed...well, aside from the interruptions from the kids of course. HAHA

I made a pretty tasty homemade macaroni and cheese and a delicious baked apples dessert. I will definitely be making both again, and most likely.... SOON!

I want to thank Pinterest for existing, A Whisk and a Prayer for the macaroni and cheese, and Skinny Chef for the dessert. Thank you to those that also pinned the recipes so that I was able to see them!

While my photos may not be as good as the ones you'll see on Pinterest or the actual site they came from, I still took my own.

The ONLY suggestions that I would make are for the macaroni and cheese. I don't recall seeing it written, and I'm not going to go check, so if it isn't there, make sure you are able to stir it every once in a while so the noodles on the bottom of the crockpot and the sides do NOT burn!

Oh and I had some ice cream with my apple... absolutely amazing! It was the Blue Bunny, Peanut Butter and Brownie Sensation...  YUM!!! 

Macaroni and cheese before it was cooked

Macaroni and cheese complete, I had stirred it at this point

Apples before being cooked, 2 filled and 2 not

Apple baked with the ice cream I had it with

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Spa Services by Honie

I'm in the process of getting my website up for my new adventure! I have been doing it myself and it has been a bit overwhelming since I'm not too savvy when it comes to websites.

I'm hoping that it is available for you all to get a glance at in the next 24 hours or so. I finished the steps late last night, so it may be a little longer as the customer service guy told me that it can take up to 48 hours.

I was kind of disappointed to hear that since I saw "1 hour" next to the information I changed. I assumed it would be changed within the hour, guess that's what I get for a$$uming. HAHA

Please keep in mind if you check out my website that it is not fully completed at this time. I'm still in the process of getting the template exactly as I would like, and all the information listed on the pages. I'm hoping to have it completed in the next week or so!

Be sure to check it often for specials that are available!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Turning a blog into a website?!

How about having a website with the blog capability?

I have seen a few blogs that look like websites, even have website addresses instead of the normal blog address.

Let me just clarify, I'm not sure if they're websites with the blog capabilities or blogs turned into websites so to speak. I just know that they look like a website to me but have some blog characteristics and I like that it has a web address just for it!

I like some of the aspects on the following and would like to transform my blog but am NOT sure how to go about doing it!

I'm not super computer savvy and even less website/hosting savvy. Simple and detailed instructions are best if you have ideas and ways to help me out!

Any assistance would be appreciated! Thank you!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Crush Mini Flat Iron deal!

While I was on Facebook earlier this evening I found what a Groupon deal that I peaked my interest!
A blog site that I have liked on Facebook that lists deals for a variety of items had it posted.

Thank you Madame Deals, Inc for sharing about the Crush Mini Flat Iron on Groupon. I have one ordered in Raspberry and can't wait to get it and try it out.

I'm not only excited that I saved almost half of what it normally costs, but I'm excited to see how it works with curling my hair. Its normally $30, however, I got it for just over $15.00 shipped due to tax with being in Idaho.

I have a flat iron already but it is a bit wider than the Crush Mini and I've been envious of those girls that I've seen with the 1" flat irons that use it to curl their hair!

***Image courtesy of Madame Deals, Inc's blog!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My SCENTSY order arrived!

I placed an order on Friday I think (might have been Saturday) and I got it today! Well, technically yesterday due to the time!

I posted a video on YouTube to show what I received. Tells a little about the SAVINGS I took advantage of!

For the month of August you can take advantage of 10% off most of the items Scentsy has!

After you check out my video, check out Tosha's Facebook page and let her know that SAHM turned WAHM sent you on over!

For those that don't know, you can click the words that are a different color than most of the post and it'll take you directly to those pages!

Thank you for your support!
SAHM turned WAHM

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eyelash extensions!

A couple weeks ago we had a previous instructor from the school I'm attending come in and demonstrate eyelash extensions. She even allowed those of us who were interested in practicing putting them on the model she brought in and then we practiced on each other.

I'm excited about them! So excited that I have purchased the supplies that I need to be able to apply full sets and fills to those clients that are interested in having them! 

They take a bit of time to apply of course, but it is totally worth it in my opinion. When those who have them wake up in the morning there is no need to apply mascara on your top eyelashes! You can wake up and go if that's all that you apply in the morning or when you go out! 

For the first 5 models there will be a $20 charge. The next set of 5 models will have a $40 charge. The $20 is more for supplies as they will be helping me with getting acquainted with the process and supplies. The $40 charge will be to help offset supplies and also help compensate a little bit for the time it takes. 

This cost is for FULL SETS of eyelash extensions. Which if you were to go to a spa in the area would cost $150+! 

My supplies should be here by the middle of September and I should be able to get started by the 25th depending on my model's schedules. I'm so excited that I can hardly contain myself! 

Here is a before/after photo of eyelash extensions. I did NOT apply those eyelash extensions nor did I take the photo. I do not know the model in the photo as it came from a search I did on It is only for visual purposes! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Gevalia coffee maker & 4 boxes of coffee for $9.99

Yes, you read the title correctly.

I received a 12 cup programmable coffee maker from Gevalia and 4 boxes of my choice of Gevalia coffee all for $9.99!

I made a video to show what I received and it gives credit to Coupon cousins too as that's where I heard about the fabulous deal.

Check it out!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First Impressions

Had school today as I have for the last almost 6 months. One thing different with today was the "First Impressions" class that we had this morning.

It was only a couple hours long but I learned quite a bit in that time. I have been thinking about everything that we went over all day long.

Talk about lasting impression... I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. Not that I want to. Its definitely something that I need to take the time to think about more.

One thing that is for certain... You only get ONE first impression. There is no second chance, you don't get a "re-do". You can't take back what has been said or done.

You may not think much about how you dress when running a quick errand or your body language while running that errand. However, you should put a little more thought into both as EVERYONE that you come in contact with, no matter where you are, could be a potential career contact.

NETWORKING is important and a big part of achieving any goals you may have set for yourself.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Eek! What happen?!

I've been away from the blogging world for far too long, that's for sure. I apologize for that, however, it was not in my control.

With moving out of state with the kids and without my husband, moving in with family, starting school and everything else that was going on, it was quite hard to find the time, especially without having my own computer set up.

But really, what happen to the look of blogspot?! It is going to take me some time to get used to, that's for sure. Not sure I like it, but then again normally when there is change, I'm a little apprehensive at first and then over time I get used to it. I guess I'm not too different than others?! haha

I will try to do a short quick update on the bigger things that have taken place over the last couple months in the next week or so.

Most important right now.... 

Kids are well and we all are excited for Daddy to be here in a mere 5 days!!! No more going back to Oregon alone for him, which means no more tears for us!!!

School is going well. I'm about halfway through!

The new house is in a nice neighborhood and the kids have their own rooms.

I'm around some of my family and Travis and I have had a couple of our friends move to the area. There is quite a bit more to do here as well, which makes it nice!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

WWYD?! More people than seat belts?!

To the best of your knowledge what do you think you would do?!

Lets say you see an adult pull up to a store in a 5 seat car. You see not 1, 2 or 3 children get out of the car but SIX (6). Two of them are MAYBE a year old and the other 4 are approximately 4 years old to 8 years old.

Would you
a) have to pick your mouth up off the ground from shock?
b) shake your head in disgust?
c) tell the adult just what you think?
d) call the authorities and report the adult?
e) ALL of the above?

Would it matter what store you were at? How old the adult was? How old the children were?

Does it make it less worse in your opinion that the two youngest DID have carseats? Keep in mind that in this situation even though there were 2 carseats you didn't physically see the 2 children, or any children for that matter IN the seats with your own eyes.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

School: Week 1

If you don't know, I started the Esthetics program at Oliver Finley Academy of Cosmetology on the 17th. Originally the plan was to start on June 25th, but some things changed and my husband and I agreed starting earlier was better for us.

The program is approximately 6 months long as it is 600 hours. The end date is around the 24th of September but there is the chance I could finish a little sooner if I go in extra days or go in early/stay late type of thing.

This first week focused on the basics of sterilization, sanitation, disinfecting and setting up the facial room. We went over what supplies, products and equipment are needed.

For our hands on learning we practiced facials and massage on mannequins and each other. The facials were on mannequins while the hand/arm massage was on each other. OMGOSH, can you say RELAXING?! It was horrible when it was after lunch because we all wanted to nap! haha

Tuesday we are going to be practicing facials on each other and Friday we get to bring in models to practice on them. I'm excited to receive a facial and kind of nervous about giving one. I'm sure that with time it'll be one of those things that is second nature.

From the sounds of things we'll start learning about waxing next week. Which is pretty exciting! I think I might be sporting some shorts and/or capris this summer!!! I don't like shaving, it isn't something that I have a lot of time for because of the kids and everything so I normally don't do it often. Waxing will help make it so that it isn't a big deal. :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

We arrived in Boise!!!

The kids and myself arrived in Boise late Friday night/early Saturday morning..depends on how you look at it when its after 12am. HAHA

It wasn't planned to go through the whole way, we were going to stay over Friday night in John Day but as you probably all know... things change!

The drive wasn't bad at all. Pulling the trailer wasn't horrible either. I actually forgot at times that I was pulling a trailer. Crazy huh?!

Granted the trailer wasn't that big (4x8) and it wasn't that full but I was pulling it with a Sante Fe. Not the biggest vehicle to use of course, but it did really well and I was quite impressed.

There are so many emotions I'm experiencing. I'm happy and excited to be here and anxious to start school. At the same time I'm sad to be away from my husband and for the kids to be away from their father. I'm scared of how I'm going to do in school... Actually I'm more scared of AFTER school.

How do you find that you get through things when you are hit with so many emotions at one time? Do indulge in delicious fattening food? Hang out with your friends and family? Maybe dive into a hobby?

Its harder for me now as I'm not at home with all my belongings. I was limited on what I could bring. I'm thinking I may have to take a trip and get some items to help me pass the time and be able to busy myself.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Busy organizing, cleaning and packing!

As a lot of you know we are in the process of moving. Not only are we moving but we're moving out of state and the children and I are going before my husband. We're not sure how long it will be until he is there, we just know it won't be any later than July 1st. There are a LOT of variables with the situation.

Anyway, this last week I have been busy packing, organizing and cleaning what I can with all that is left. I leave Friday with the kids and won't be back to our house. So I need to make sure that what is left can be packed by my husband and that it goes with us. No sense in him packing things that we don't want or need at our next place.

Monday was spent cleaning out the bathroom cabinets and getting things organized in the computer room. Still have some things in the computer to box up but most of it is pretty much together so it shouldn't take too long.

Yesterday was spent in the garage. For the most part it is ready to go. There are a few more boxes for me to go through and repack as there are some things that can be donated and thrown out.

Today was supposed to be spent getting some of those loose ends together. The ones from the computer room and the garage along with making sure I have a list of everything that MUST go with us on Friday and a list of what to get from the store before we go.

HOWEVER... I'm not so sure how much I'll get done as I have a sick child. I'm not sure if it is the flu or if her gag reflexes is what caused her to vomit but let me tell was NOT pretty. What was even worse is that while I was tending to her and calming her down (she just turned 4 yesterday), the dog, one of them, ate the oatmeal she puked up. YUCK!

But of course her doing that made it easier for me to clean. ICK still I know but it kind of got a smile on my face. haha

I'm doing what I can to make sure that I blog at least once a week if not 2 times a week. Things have been super busy though and I don't see them slowing down any time soon. Especially not with school starting on Tuesday. Its all happening so quick and there is so much to do.

I will be checking in on the blog and blogging when I can as well as posting on the Facebook page when I have a moment. If you'd like me to talk about a certain subject please contact me via the contact page here or on Facebook. I'm happy to share my experiences and bring up what you'd like to hear about as it might help others too.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Overwhelmed and in a funk?!

I'm not sure if I'm subconsciously overwhelmed and that's why I'm in a funk or what, but I do know I have TOO much to get done and LIMITED time to do it all that I have NO time to not have any motivation. haha

Like seriously I know you're not all up to date on everything going on but basically the kids and I are moving out of state on the 13th, which is a week from tomorrow. I need to figure out what to take of theirs and mine. I need to figure out what else to box that is staying at the house and I need to downsize on some of the stuff that is here so my husband can take it and donate it.

Its all happening quicker than I anticipated and I knew I had time but my time is dwindling away and I have NO motivation even though I know it all needs to be done and if it isn't done by me that my husband will be left to do it... EEK! Can you imagine your significant other packing up your house? I can't!!!

Some days, like today, I wish our original plan of moving in June was in affect but the truth of the matter is... LIFE HAPPENS! Which is exactly why I'm going next week and not 2 months from now. Tmobile shut down the call center my husband works at. Well, they are at the end of June. So since we're unsure of exactly what is going to happen with his employment status we decided it was best for me to start school sooner than later.

The start date was originally June 25th. The class date before that that I could get into... April 17th. EEK. We found out the news about T-mobile at the end of March. Not a lot of time to put things into affect or figure things out so it was somewhat of a quick decision, do it or don't and who knows how'd that go?! I mean we don't know how this is going to go, so we're really just going day by day. Not a lot else we can do, right?!

I have faith it is all going to work out and things are going to be great... but at the same time I'm worried. I know its normal and its okay and that's not an issue for me. Its just that the unknown is kind of scary and our daughter, well, she's gotten home sick when we've been together on a trip as a family. I know its going to be hard on her and I'm hoping it isn't as hard as I'm thinking it might be. I won't know how it is going to affect her  of course until we are there and see how things are going.

I'm excited for school and the new opportunities but at the same time I'm a bit reserved about it all too just again because of the unknown. I like to know what is going on or at least somewhat of what to expect so this is definitely going against what I'm used to in so many ways.

I'm thankful for the advancements of technology for sure. Its going to much so helpful to have the internet and Skype to keep in touch with my husband. Not only for me but the kids' sake as well. Of course we still have the phone but it is much nicer to be able to see your loved one's face when possible!

For any of my readers that are going through changes or difficult times for whatever reason it may be, you're in my thoughts. I hope everything goes well for you and if they already are I hope they continue to do so.

too long!!

Its been far too long since my last blog post. While I have good reason for this, I don't like it.

A LOT has been going on and I fully plan on filling you all in soon! With everything being so crazy here it is hard to find the time to do so.

I will be putting a reminder in my phone to make sure that I do at least 2 blog posts a week. I'm hoping to get to a point where I can do a video a week or every 2 weeks too!

Do you have subjects you'd like covered whether its in a blog post or video? You can share by leaving a comment on this blog post or by using the contact tab and sending me a message!

If you'd like to remain completely anonymous please let me know. If you don't mind me sharing your first name and the state you're from, please include that information.

I have a few products I'd like to do a review on as well. I'll get to them, promise! Its just been crazy busy here. I'll see what I can do to update you all when my youngest is down for a nap today. For now I'm off to attempt to get some sleep!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Life changes...major ones?!

How do YOU deal with life changes? What about the major ones?

There are some major changes happening in my life right now. I'm not surprised as it was in the plan, however, it was expected for it all to happen in June....NOT in April. So, I'm a bit anxious about it all.

Back in Oct. 2011 we took a family trip to Boise, ID to visit some family of mine. No special occasion, just something to do to get out of town.

While we were there, a little bug was planted. It came about for us to move there. We had discussed ways for us to become more financially stable, something to help us be able to do more and provide more for our children and ourselves.

I've always wanted to do nails, since I can remember in high school it was something I wanted to do. I wasn't able to right after high school because of financial reasons. So I didn't do it. I never went to school for anything and never really had an "important" job. I just did customer service positions because they were what I had experience with.

Well, an opportunity we couldn't pass up came along. It was decided I would go to school to become an Esthetician at first and then go to become a nail technician. With the support from my aunt Gwen we decided August was when we would be moving. Then while looking at Oliver Finley's site and their schedule, it was switched to June. 

We started getting things in place to make it a smooth transition as possible. I mean you have to remember we have two small children... 2 years and 4 years old. So starting early is definitely better than not and having a plan of attack is even better! haha

Everything seemed to be falling into place nicely since January. Getting our house on the market was a smooth transition really thank you to our Realtor Neil. I definitely recommend him, no doubt about it. If you're in Oregon, look him up! He's on top of everything and keeps you up to date!

With the house falling into place, we were just waiting for June for me to go to Boise with the kids for a couple weeks before school to get them used to the changes. We were also waiting to see what was going to be happening with my husband's job as he had looked into a different position with the company he's with.

Seemed as though all was going and it would all fall into place for June and then BAM!!! We learned today that the call center he is at is CLOSING! Yes, the entire center is closing as of June 22nd. We were totally caught off guard.

We talked about it. I talked with my aunt as she's the one the kids and I are staying with and the one watching the kids and of course she has her own life and business to take care of as well. It was decided that while it may be stressful and a bit to get done in a short 3 week period it is best to start school sooner than later.

I know that some of you reading this are thinking (IF you're still reading, haha), "You have this weekend and next week, plus 2 weeks in April.". NOT REALLY! I'm leaving to John Day for the night and then I'm off to Boise Saturday until Wednesday. At which point when I return I'm off to a Vault Denim party. Thursday I'm doing another Vault Denim party. Friday for the most part is a day of "rest" however, I have a doctor's appoint. Saturday is filled with an event for Vault Denim.

After that then my schedule is less busy, but at the same time it isn't now because I'm having to get our house in order and ready to be all packed up and ready for the date we need to move everything out of the house. If you have children, especially younger ones, you know how difficult things are with them around as they're always wanting to know what you're doing.

So really I have 2 weeks to get it all together and make sure it is at a place that I can trust my husband to get it completed. He does NOT pack like I do at all. Its scary! haha

If you have read to this point, THANK YOU! If you have tips/tricks/advice on how to keep things as organized as possible and as stress free as it can be with the given situation, PLEASE do share! I'd love to hear it!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vault Denim's, Tour de Vault!

I can hardly wait to attend. I just know that I'm going to meet some amazing people and learn a lot more about the company. It is exciting! Not to mention I get to see family while I'm there.

I just started with Vault Denim the end of February and am so thankful that I did! It has been an amazing experience so far.

One thing that drew me to Vault Denim was that as a Vault Fashion Consultant I'm able to decide when I can and can't work. I get to be my own boss. I like that because I have 2 small children, another home based business and we're getting ready to move out of state to a place that I don't know many people.

The biggest decision maker for me to join was that I didn't have to have an inventory, no monthly auto-ship. That in itself was the biggest green light of them all. An added bonus is that they give you your website and back office FREE.

I hosted my first party. I had an open house at my home. I was able to have my children home with me. My husband was here with one of our mutual friends and we had a yard sale that day too. I did all of that AND I was "working" while getting to chat with all my friends that came to look at jeans. How great is that?!

One thing that I liked with hosting the open house was that I was able to take advantage of the hostess rewards from the party. I got a $62.00 pair of jeans for just $25!!! Oh, I should add that they are authentic designer jeans!! I was able to do this with the hostess rewards I earned from my guests purchasing jeans for themselves.

Here is a video on what you get in your Vault Denim business kit.

If you're interested in more information on becoming a Vault Fashion Consultant for Vault Denim let me know. There are several Tour De Vault's around the United States and I'm sure there is one close to you. You don't have to have me there with you, but I do need to pass along your information so that the host of the event can fill you in on everything as I won't be there to do so. They're scheduled for roughly an hour!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Laundry, save money doing it?!

How do you sort your laundry?

How do you wash your laundry?

What kind of laundry soap to you use?

I sort our laundry into 4 groups:
I have whites which consist of all of my husband's undershirts, socks and white towels.
I have towels, jeans and sweatshirts/coats
Then I have "the rest". HAHA Which consists of my socks, our shirts, shorts, pajama bottoms etc
Then there is the kids' clothes, they get washed all by themselves.

I wash ALL of it in cold water and rinse in cold water. All of the loads are washed on normal except the kids', their clothes are washed on delicate. I dry on normal.

I've learned over the years, some from my mom and some from the internet, washing your clothing in cold water helps save you money in more way than one.

Cold water of course costs less than warm/hot water so it saves you there. Not to mention that it helps preserve the life of your clothes, so with them lasting longer you're not having to go out and buy new clothes, so it saves you money this way as well.

Another great way to help preserve the life of your clothes is to turn them inside out...Yup, that's right it helps keep the color looking bright longer! It is an especially important thing to remember to do if there are any "sticker" images/letters etc on the article of clothing. That helps keep it intact longer so it isn't all ratty looking! Drying them on low also helps too of course as it doesn't get heated as much on a normal dry cycle.

Lastly the laundry soap I use is the laundry soap I make. It takes just a little bit of time and makes quite a bit. It lasts a long time and the cost per load is less than $0.02. Can't beat that really! Another benefit to the laundry soap I make is that it is okay to use for cloth diapers, which we have! I use the laundry soap for all of our laundry instead having to switch between loads. Its great.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

You know you're a mom when...

Yes, get ready because there will be a video series that has, "You know you're a mom when....".

If you have some suggestions you'd like to share please do! I'd be happy to include them.

I have a list going already but am welcome to more input!

If you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do! That way you won't miss a new video. Feel free to share with your friends and family too!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So am I the only one that this happens to?! I'd really like to know!

When our house was cluttered with paperwork here and some there, I could find ANYTHING. I knew where it was and it was not hard to find at all.

However, since putting the house on the market it of course needed to be picked up and tidied so that there wasn't paperwork in random places. Now I can't find a thing.

Most importantly I can't find the notebook that I had Sunday after Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class that my husband and I attended.

I'm 99.9% sure that I took it out of the Church with me. It is NOT in my car any where, it isn't at the in-laws as we were just there tonight and it surely isn't in the house. Well, at least NOT that I can find.

How does this happen? Where could it be? It seriously as if it grew legs and walked off. My husband couldn't even find it when he was looking earlier with me.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dental Floss Obsession?!

So is it just my children or are there others out there that are OBSESSED with dental floss?

I'm not kidding, they seriously are. No matter where I put it, they find it and HAVE to have it.

Doesn't matter if it is mint flavor, cinnamon flavor or even plain.

My almost 2 year old is worse about it than my almost 4 year old. However, if he has it, she has to have it too of course.

Its nuts! He has gotten a hold of some previously and it was just strewn about because he couldn't figure out how to "cut" it. Of course it only takes a SECOND to get it and rib out about 100 yards. haha Okay maybe it wasn't 100 yards but it sure was a lot!!

Its like it has a radar of some sort that it puts out and he's able to hear/see it or something. Dang kids! haha

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning?! Less is more?!

I guess you could call it that. haha

So, I've never done Spring cleaning before. Yes, I have cleaned our house and such but never a deep clean as most do around Spring time.

This year has been DIFFERENT to say the least. We put our house on the market and if you've ever done that you know what a task it can be.

Okay so putting it on the market isn't such a task for the homeowner. However, getting it READY to be on the market, that's a whole other story, right?!

Well, for me it was one of those things that took a bit of time. Not only because I was doing it by myself but because I have 2 small children. Lets not forget all the CRAP that we have accumulated over the years as well. Omgosh, there is so much that I don't even know where it all came from.

Needless to say I'm a FIRM believer that less is more! It really is. We had to take a majority of what was in the house and box it and put it in the garage. So now instead of our house being full of it, our garage is. haha

Next task on the list is going through and clearing out the garage, one box at a time. There's a yard sale set up for this weekend, I'm hoping that helps clear out a lot. We'll have another one in April as well to help clear out even more.

Craziest thing though... we had our house on the market for less than 2 hours and someone wanted to see it. Got an offer on the house within 24hrs. Received an offer OVER our asking price within 48 hours. It is CRAZY! I mean I know those looking to buy it are getting a fabulous deal but I had no idea it would be so quick.

We're looking at having to be out of our house in approximately 60 days as long as all goes well. I seriously can't believe all the changes going on and how busy I've been and will be for the next few months. But I know it is ALL going to PAY OFF!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Introduction Video

My second video is up for your viewing pleasure.

Please check it out, share with your friends and your family! I'd appreciate it.

Oh and by the way... its EDITED. I'm not a professional...YET! haha

I think for editing for the first time with a program I've not used before, I did pretty good.

If you have a subject you'd like to see a video on, a product you'd like reviewed or have tips/tricks for editing a video and how to make it better, LET ME KNOW!

Thanks guys!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

$599 first month guaranteed

I realize that this video may be a little long for some of you to watch at once, its about 12 minutes, but I would like to invite you to watch. Its a great informative video on how you can get $599 guaranteed in your first month. It shares on how you can change your life forever, for the best!

I can share with you on how you can get a $10,000 bonus...not even kidding. I'm working on my way there!

You could be on your way to not only look and feel younger, be healthier but also help your friends and family do the same, all while doing what you love and making money!

Be sure to check it out, ask me questions if you have any. I'm happy to answer them! I'd love for you to join my team! I'll help you achieve your dreams! I'm on my way to achieve mine, what's stopping you?!

**Please note that boosting is NOT required to start or to earn the $599 in your first month!

Once you've watched it, head on over to my website to look over the products and the opportunity.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Crowd Tap

Have you heard of Crowd Tap??

I just signed up for it today.

If you like getting free things, I urge you to sign up too! If you're interested in getting to test products, you won't have a chance if you don't sign up.

One thing that I like about this company is that they allow you to earn donations for charity! You get to choose which charity you would like to support. Isn't that great?!

I just signed up like 5 minutes ago and am already just 250 points shy of 1,000.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I have a channel!!

Yes, that's right, I have a YouTube channel!

I'm so excited to get it up and going. I could use help from everyone in getting it viewed!

Please share with your friends and your family. Please share with me what you would like to see.

I can't guarantee to get a video up of every request but I will do my best to share what you ask for!

It is FAMILY FRIENDLY! Just like my blog! So you're safe to watch it at home with the children around or even at work if its permitted.

Check it out if you'd like! The first video is currently being processed, so if you try to view it in the next few minutes, it might not let you. But please check back later!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Videos- Yes or No?

Do you all like videos? I think I have found a way to put up some videos for when I do a product review! And for other miscellaneous things. haha

I was thinking of doing photos and such but that just isn't as effective in my opinion. At the time it was all I had to work with though so that's why I was going to do it that way. 

Please keep in mind when you watch the videos that will be coming up, I do NOT have any experience with video editing. So they may not be the most professional when it comes to being put together. 

However, I can tell you they will be family friendly. There will be no curse words or nudity of any kind so you won't have to worry if you're at work or if your children happen to want to watch. I know my children LOVE videos and are always wanting to watch what I have on my screen. 

It is important for me for my followers to not have to worry about where they are or who is around when they come to my blog. 

I'm thinking in the future of purchasing video editing software if necessary. My husband THINKS that I might have something on my computer already that MIGHT work. We'll see. 

So, I need to know, what kind of videos are you most interested? What kind of products would you love to see IN ACTION before buying? Please share any and all ideas with me. HELP ME HELP YOU!~ 

You can post publicly or anonymously as a comment or use the contact tab to message me directly. None of your personal information will be shared if you wish for it to be kept secret. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Adding Weights

Yup, I'm thinking its time to add in some weights. You know the ones that can go around your arms or your ankles?! However, I am NOT thinking about adding them to my work out!

I'm thinking of adding them around the legs of the kitchen chairs!!!

I can't leave the room for a minute to put laundry away, change over the laundry or anything else without my almost 2 year old taking the kitchen chair and moving it across the kitchen to the counter and getting into things he knows he should not.

Just this morning while I was busy with the laundry he scooted the chair over to the counter. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't just moved my Scentsy plug in warmer yesterday. I now have the piece of plug in warmer that is meant to help stabilize it STUCK in the outlet while the plug in is NOT in there. :(

I know I should be able to get it out pretty easily but that's not the point. I can't stay in the kitchen with him all day when there are things to be done and I can't really be having him follow me every where as he would be in the way and could possibly get hurt, especially if my arms are full of laundry and I can't see him. I could easily run into him, knock him down etc without knowing what was going on before it happen.

I can't wait until he grows out of the "I'm a monkey, I can and will climb on anything and everything I want and can." phase!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meal planning- saves money & reduces stress

Do you meal plan? Would you like to?

I've found that planning meals not only helps save money but it also helps alleviate some stress.

Recently a friend of mine shared this site with me that I've found to be FABULOUS and have only used once so far since learning about it.

Thank you Lyndsey at Super NoVa Saver for sharing Food on the Table with me. It has helped tremendously already.

When I signed up I used a code, FEBFREE, not sure if it is still live but enter it when you sign up, because if it is, you'll get it for FREE and won't be limited to 3 meals a week.

One of the great things about the site is that you get to choose what kinds of foods you want recipes for. You can choose what type of meat you want or if you prefer recipes without meat that's available too. You get to select what type of dishes you like best.

You also get to choose if you want gluten free recipes, vegetarian, low carb, low fat or low sodium. Now you don't have to always have those, you can choose if you want those type of recipes always, some times or no restrictions on them. How great is that?!

You select your top 3 stores that you shop at and it will find the sales for that store for the items on your list. Oh that's another thing, it will get your grocery list together for you AND include the recipe that you can have printed and put into a binder for safe keeping for the future.

Of course if you decide that you don't really like it, you can always throw it out and not use it again.

I went to Walmart after printing out my grocery list and recipes so that I could keep my recipes organized and easily accessible for when I'm in a rush to figure out what's for dinner. I got a 1" binder, 5 subject divider sheets and a 3-hole hole punch for under $12.00.

I have my recipes separated by the following: beef, chicken, other, turkey and a blank one at the moment. You can obviously sort yours how you'd like. I'm thinking of changing my "other" one to appetizers and filling in the blank with desserts as I sit here and type this.

Since I printed enough recipes to last for 2 weeks worth of dinners, I had the grocery list for such too. It was a LOT of chicken as that's what our family eats the most. I decided it was best to separate it into ziplocs to freeze. I wrote the name of the recipe and the amount of chicken needed on the ziploc, then rinsed the chicken and placed the amount needed in the coordinating ziploc.

Here is my binder I purchased. I took a regular white piece of card stock as I had it on hand, wrote on it to label it for me and slid it in there.

Here is a photo to show the dividing tabs and recipes in the binder

Just an example of one of the recipes I chose to make for my family.

Quick snap shot of SOME of the meat I purchased on my grocery shopping trip. I hope you can see the names of the recipes and then to the side how much chicken and specified if it was breasts or thighs.

Photography Package Cost

Where do you normally go to get professional photos taken? How much is a typical photo shoot?

What would you pay for the following:
1.5hrs of shooting time
Up to 5 people
10 black and white images
75 images on a cd

I normally go to a family friend. I've known Christina of Wilson Family Photography since I was in kindergarten.

I go to Christina not only because she isn't pushy but because she's professional and affordable.

She currently has 3 photo packages. Her packages are as follows; $25, $50 and $75. She does events as well, however, they're cost is is per occasion as each occasion is different.

Remember the last question I asked? The one about what you would pay for 1.5hrs of shooting time, up to 5 people, 10 black and white images and 75 images on a cd??

I ask this because I received an email from Living Social that was offering the package for the low discounted price of $65. Which is a FANTASTIC deal, I agree. However, I was BLOWN AWAY at what the original price is normally without the coupon.

Would you think it was $150? $250? $350? $450?

If you guessed $450 you're right! Seriously?! That in my opinion is totally outrageous. It isn't like it is a wedding, baptismal or anything of that nature. There is NO way I would pay that for photos. Not even if I had $100,000.00

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tone, tighten and firm; Informational video

That's right, this video was done by a teammate of mine (Thank you Sarah) to not only help those that are wondering HOW to wrap but that are also wondering HOW the wrap works.

It is about 20 minutes because it shares GREAT information on how the wrap works and also because Sarah takes the time to tell you about some of the areas you can wrap and how to apply it, along with putting a wrap on herself. Yes, that's right, YOU CAN WRAP ALONE!

You do not have to have someone there to help you. You can do it in the comfort of your own home, all alone if you prefer.

Don't forget that we have more all natural products than just the wrap. We have a skin care line and supplements as well as the body contouring products.

All of our products can be found at my site, along with pricing and an ingredients list in case you have any form of an allergy, medical concern or even sensitive skin.

Take a look and let me know what you think!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Magic Eraser

Have you ever heard of them? Have you ever witnessed one being used or used one yourself?

I've heard of them over the years and I have to be honest. I really didn't believe that they were all that great. I mean really, how could an "eraser" remove ink marks, crayons, markers etc from the floor? cupboard? walls?

Couldn't you just use a regular eraser from a pencil if that was the case?

Well, I ended up getting one the other day as my almost 2 year old got a hold of a crayon and went to town... the light switch, the wall, the laundry room doors and more were striped with blue crayon. Oh and lets not forget the cupboard door that was attacked with a pencil.

I was AMAZED at how WELL and EASILY it worked.

I started on the cupboard with the pencil. It came right off. My husband made a comment about how impressed he was as I didn't even get it wet. I looked at him all puzzled. Apparently he knew more about them than I did, as he knew you were meant to get it wet and I didn't. HAHA I read the box AFTER he mentioned it and sure enough it said to wet it down.

I didn't... not even when I went to remove the crayon from the light switch, wall or the laundry room door. I mean, why do that if it is working as it was?!

I took some photos of the crayon as I didn't think to take photos until after the pencil was totally removed. Unfortunately, they are cell phone photos so they aren't the greatest, but I used what I had.

By the way, if you're wondering, I got 4 of them for less than $4.00 at Walmart in the cleaning product aisle.

Here are the BEFORE photos and the AFTER photos

laundry room door, before

laundry room door, after

wall, before
 wall, after

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Favorite TV Shows?

What are yours? Are you able to watch them when they're on or do you get them on your DVR and watch them later?

My husband and I have been living in our house for just over 3 years. We've not had cable as it is too expensive for us. However, that doesn't mean we don't have TV. We use HD rabbit ears that we picked up from our local grocery store.

I was surprised when we first hooked them up to the TV. Not only on how many channels we got but also on the clarity.

When we first hooked them up and had friends and family over they asked when we got cable. We explained to them that we didn't and even pointed out the rabbit ears. They were amazed because some of the channels we got were HD.

One of the channels I like the most is OPB, which is also known as PBS to some. My children are able to watch cartoons, educational cartoons of course. It helps keep them occupied for a little bit so I can get some things done in the morning, which is nice!

I have a couple shows that I like. I don't always get to watch them as we don't have DVR and aren't always home, but when I do get to watch them its nice.

Some of my favorites that I get to watch as we get the channels they're on are:
The Bachelor
The Biggest Loser
Law & Order SVU
What Would You Do?
Shark Tank

Please share what your favorites are, whether you're able to watch them now or they're old favorites you'd like to get caught up on.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Crafting day...maybe week?!

I have not done any crafting in quite some time and I believe it has affected my mood a bit lately.

Its amazing how the simplest of things can be so calming and relaxing.

Are there little things that you like to do on a daily or weekly basis that help keep you more calm and less stressed?

Some times reading a book helps, being with friends, blogging, going on a hike and more can help get you out of a rut.

I'm off to clean the kitchen from breakfast and then I'll be at the kitchen table most of the day crafting away. I'm thinking of making some headbands and getting some sewing in.

The finished items will be photographed and posted on Honie's Little Shop

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Italian Soda

Ever go to the coffee shop, such as Dutch Bros.Starbucks or any other shop? Have you ever purchased an Italian soda?

One thing that my husband and I do is get a $20 gift card to Dutch Bros. Reason being is that with getting the gift card you get a FREE drink, doesn't matter what it is, the size or the cost. We then use that $20 to occasionally get the happy hour special at our local Dutch Bros. (any cold medium drink for $2.50)

Some times I have our daughter with us and at which point she will ask for an Italian soda. She used to ask for smoothies, but decided one day she wanted an Italian soda and has stuck with that since.

Yesterday we were out and about getting some items for dinner and as we are close to the coffee shop she asks, "Are we stopping to get a coffee? I want an Italian soda please?!". I informed her we weren't because the happy hour specials are only Monday through Friday and from 1-4pm.

It got me thinking... I wonder if Walmart has the necessary items to make them at home? It was our next stop and I wasn't about to turn around and go ALL the way across town.

So, I told her that if Walmart did in fact have everything needed to make the Italian soda we could make one at home for her and buddy (her brother). She happily said, "Ok, mom.".

Wouldn't you know, Walmart DID have everything we needed to make them. Adalynn chose to get the vanilla flavored syrup as she wanted a vanilla flavored Italian soda.

Here are some photos to show the delicious Italian soda made by myself... they're so good that my husband had TWO last night, yes, the guy that doesn't like sweets. HAHA

So what we have here is Torani Vanilla flavored syrup, Darigold Half & Half and Mixer Club Soda. I chose those because that is what Walmart had and was more affordable than the other options. The Vanilla flavored syrup was because that's what my daughter wanted. 

I just used the fridge to get a few ice cubes in a glass

Next, I poured the club soda into the glass. It just so happen that what is in the glass is all that was left in the plastic bottle. 

 I took the Half & Half and simply poured it into the mix of the ice cubes and club soda. Not a lot, just enough that I thought it was good!

Then with the remaining room left in the glass I filled it almost to the top with the vanilla flavored syrup. No exact measuring/math was used for this. I did however, use a stir stick to mix once done and did a taste test before giving it to the kids. 

Once I was done and the taste test was finished. I scooped out an even amount of the ice cubes and placed them into the sippy cup for each of my children. I then poured the same amount in each of their cups. Of course it took me more time to make it (which wasn't a lot in my opinion) than it took for them to devour it! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Children & Frustration

My children are the lights of my life! However, some days they frustrate me to no end. I don't get how a 2 year old and a 4 year old (well, they might as well be as their birthdays are in April) can be so head strong and powerful.

Do you ever have days you feel like running away? You just want to lock yourself in a room?

What do you do to deal with those days and to limit the stress and frustration as much as you can??

Some times the only way for me not to be so frustrated is to "ignore" them. Within reason of course. I basically let them be the wild monkeys they are as long as they're not hurting themselves, each other or in danger. I don't always have enough strength to continue with disciplining.

Anyone else have days like that? How many children do you have? What are their ages? What have you found to help you and them?

Being a WAHM is trying. I'm working on time management, its a struggle, but it is something I know that I need to work on. Not only for my children, but for myself and my businesses as well.

If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to share. I'd love to hear them. You can leave them as a comment directly on this post or if you'd like to remain anonymous to others, email me by using the contact tab. I'll do a follow up to this post if I receive suggestions without including names! :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

January winner

So for those that aren't aware what the giveaway item was for January, it was a little comfort blanket courtesy of Honie's Little Shop. If you would like something similar use the contact tab to message me and let me know. I love making custom orders!

You can find the post here with photos:

There were only 2 entries, so pretty good odds for those that entered. Were you one that entered? If not you know you can't possibly win, right?!

Currently there is a referral contest going on for my blog and Facebook page. Be sure to check it out, its FREE!

Anyway, I'm sure you're wondering who won the blanket... So, I guess I'll go ahead and share. Remember if you're the winner, you have 48 hours to contact me. I will need your mailing address of course so I can get the adorable blanket on its way to you.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Residual income?

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dave Ramsey Week 2

Sunday was our 2nd night of the Financial Peace University class. It was just as informative as the first and just as funny. I really think Dave Ramsey was a comedian/magician in his previous life. He's better than some of the magicians I've seen before.

The beginning of class was started with a short video clip titled, "Drive Free, Retire Rich". It was an interesting little clip on how you could essentially pay for your car IN FULL and get a new one every 5 years or so. Could you imagine having a car and not having a car payment? The average car payment is $475 a month! That blew me away. Imagine what you could do with that much money!

After that clip it went into the actual lesson which was more about marriage/relationships and finances. Finances is the biggest stress in most relationships. In fact it is the #1 cause of divorce. Yes, that's right, #1 cause. Which also means its the #1 opportunity to help marriages/relationships.

I personally think, as does my husband that if we had just a little extra money each month our relationship would be so much better. Our biggest stress is our finances. I'm not talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars either. I'm just talking about an extra $500-1000. Which doesn't seem like a lot I'm sure, and to some it isn't, but to us, it is!

Do you and your significant other have a budget? Have you talked about your finances? Do either of you feel that things would be better with the two of you if you had just a little more money?!

After being at class on Sunday there are two things that I would URGE for you to do.
1. Create a budget, see where your money is going and ways that you can save.
2. Talk about the budget with your significant other. Make sure you're both on the same page. If you're not, you're bound to argue at some time on who is spending what and where.

It is time to STOP your money from controlling you and for you to control the money!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee

I love FREE things, don't you?! I mean what's not to love??

Anyway, I found out a couple weeks ago that Green Mountain Coffee was giving away samples of hot chocolate. Of course I had to check it out for myself.

So I headed over to their Facebook page and sure enough they were. They gave out 12 K-cups of the Cafe Escapes, Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa.

Yes, that's right, each person that signed up before they met their limit, which I think was like 5,000, each got a box of 12 K-cups for the Keurig.

Well, today I checked my mail box and there was a key which meant there was a package that didn't fit in the box. I've been expecting my shipment from work so I figured that's what it was.

To my surprise though, it was from Green Mountain Coffee. Now, I just have to wait until this weekend when my mom comes over with our Keurig to taste it! HAHA

So mom, if you read this, not even a snow storm can keep you away, I need that Keurig!

Also, to Green Mountain Coffee, thank you for being so generous. Not only for giving out samples but for giving out 12 to each person that was fortunate enough to sign up for them!

What the box they were shipped in looked like.

The actual box that has the K-cups in them

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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