Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dave Ramsey Week 2

Sunday was our 2nd night of the Financial Peace University class. It was just as informative as the first and just as funny. I really think Dave Ramsey was a comedian/magician in his previous life. He's better than some of the magicians I've seen before.

The beginning of class was started with a short video clip titled, "Drive Free, Retire Rich". It was an interesting little clip on how you could essentially pay for your car IN FULL and get a new one every 5 years or so. Could you imagine having a car and not having a car payment? The average car payment is $475 a month! That blew me away. Imagine what you could do with that much money!

After that clip it went into the actual lesson which was more about marriage/relationships and finances. Finances is the biggest stress in most relationships. In fact it is the #1 cause of divorce. Yes, that's right, #1 cause. Which also means its the #1 opportunity to help marriages/relationships.

I personally think, as does my husband that if we had just a little extra money each month our relationship would be so much better. Our biggest stress is our finances. I'm not talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars either. I'm just talking about an extra $500-1000. Which doesn't seem like a lot I'm sure, and to some it isn't, but to us, it is!

Do you and your significant other have a budget? Have you talked about your finances? Do either of you feel that things would be better with the two of you if you had just a little more money?!

After being at class on Sunday there are two things that I would URGE for you to do.
1. Create a budget, see where your money is going and ways that you can save.
2. Talk about the budget with your significant other. Make sure you're both on the same page. If you're not, you're bound to argue at some time on who is spending what and where.

It is time to STOP your money from controlling you and for you to control the money!

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