Monday, January 30, 2012

Green Mountain Coffee

I love FREE things, don't you?! I mean what's not to love??

Anyway, I found out a couple weeks ago that Green Mountain Coffee was giving away samples of hot chocolate. Of course I had to check it out for myself.

So I headed over to their Facebook page and sure enough they were. They gave out 12 K-cups of the Cafe Escapes, Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa.

Yes, that's right, each person that signed up before they met their limit, which I think was like 5,000, each got a box of 12 K-cups for the Keurig.

Well, today I checked my mail box and there was a key which meant there was a package that didn't fit in the box. I've been expecting my shipment from work so I figured that's what it was.

To my surprise though, it was from Green Mountain Coffee. Now, I just have to wait until this weekend when my mom comes over with our Keurig to taste it! HAHA

So mom, if you read this, not even a snow storm can keep you away, I need that Keurig!

Also, to Green Mountain Coffee, thank you for being so generous. Not only for giving out samples but for giving out 12 to each person that was fortunate enough to sign up for them!

What the box they were shipped in looked like.

The actual box that has the K-cups in them


  1. You sure can't... you can't beat FREE, regardless what it is! :)