Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

What a night!

A few days before Halloween we helped some friends of ours move from one side of town to the other. While driving between the houses, I remember seeing a sign that said something about a Halloween Festival. I knew nothing else other than what the sign showed, which I had to read quickly as I was driving down the road at the time.

Fast forward a few days and Halloween is here! Kids are all dressed up as is my husband and myself. We were off to go trick or treating for a little bit and check out the festival to see what it was about.

We went to my Aunt Gwen's house first as we weren't sure how long we would be elsewhere and my cousin Stacie wanted to see the kids before she went out to a Halloween party. The kids of course went for the king sized candy that was in the candy bucket. HAHA

Off we went to the festival to check it out. It was FREE. I was surprised. There was horses, inflatable bounce houses, food, treats, and more. It was fabulous to see something like that where you could go as a family and have a good time. The kids had a blast and they even rode the horses. It was their FIRST time ever riding a horse.

We were there for a little bit and then decided to go trick or treating down Harrison Blvd. OMGOSH, let me tell you, it was CRAZY. If you've seen the movies/shows that have thousands of people, that's what it was like. I'm not kidding. There were lines down the sidewalk up to the doors of the houses. It was like rush hour traffic, stop and go, stop and go.

Once we went up the street a couple blocks we headed back down to the car. It was about 7:45pm when we had arrived and almost 9pm when we left due to how many people were there. The kids had a blast though, they enjoyed it. One house had 130 pumpkins, CARVED, on their front porch. I wish we had my phone or camera at the time, but due to the mass amount of people and not having a purse, I opted not to take either.

Our final stop was at our friend's house. The ones that we helped move a few days prior. They only had two trick or treaters... so the kids made out like bandits. They got so much candy from Rik and Gillian, they were so happy. Little do they know, there's a candy tax for us taking them out. HAHA

This year's Halloween was by far one of the best Halloween's ever! I think if they continue the festival we'll go year after year and we'll most likely go to Harrison Blvd. again as well.

Our little Vampire and Simba the Lion. 
This was Boo @ the Zoo! 

Halloween: First stop Aunt Gwen's. 
The whole family! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Record Keeping...

I know how to balance a checkbook. I'm kind of clueless on the "easiest" and "best" way of keeping record of my finances when it comes to my business.

I have several items I have to purchase and there is no set time frame of reorders on those products like a restaurant may have.

I have several places that I get those items as I've shopped around to find the best price.

I accept several forms of payment; check, electronic and cash.

How do you keep track of the money you have coming in and the money you have going out?

Do you use a spreadsheet? A program? Maybe you keep a handwritten ledger?

What kind of work do you do? What categories do you have for where your money goes when going out?

Do you do an overview weekly? monthly?

If you have any tips or tricks on how you keep track that you would not mind sharing, I would be grateful and appreciate them all.