Sunday, January 13, 2013

School has started!

School has officially began! I'm so excited to finally be in the nail program and I can't wait to finish!

I'm excited to learn and excited to be able to do nails once I'm done. It has been a passion and a desire of mine since I was in high school!

It has taken some time to get going but I know it is going to pay off and be an amazing experience!

The first night of school was canceled due to the weather and then the 3rd day was as well. So out of 5 days I've only been able to go for 3. I hope the snow doesn't keep me from going any more!!

Managing work, school and family time has definitely been interesting. I know with more time and as I get further in the program it will be even more interesting.

My buddy (a nail student that has been there longer than myself) got me a few things to get started!

Take a look at all the glitter, acrylic brushes and nail art stuff!

The money is play money. It is what I can use at the school store to purchase more product, a higher score for a test, one on one time with an instructor and even services performed by instructors.