Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Favorite TV Shows?

What are yours? Are you able to watch them when they're on or do you get them on your DVR and watch them later?

My husband and I have been living in our house for just over 3 years. We've not had cable as it is too expensive for us. However, that doesn't mean we don't have TV. We use HD rabbit ears that we picked up from our local grocery store.

I was surprised when we first hooked them up to the TV. Not only on how many channels we got but also on the clarity.

When we first hooked them up and had friends and family over they asked when we got cable. We explained to them that we didn't and even pointed out the rabbit ears. They were amazed because some of the channels we got were HD.

One of the channels I like the most is OPB, which is also known as PBS to some. My children are able to watch cartoons, educational cartoons of course. It helps keep them occupied for a little bit so I can get some things done in the morning, which is nice!

I have a couple shows that I like. I don't always get to watch them as we don't have DVR and aren't always home, but when I do get to watch them its nice.

Some of my favorites that I get to watch as we get the channels they're on are:
The Bachelor
The Biggest Loser
Law & Order SVU
What Would You Do?
Shark Tank

Please share what your favorites are, whether you're able to watch them now or they're old favorites you'd like to get caught up on.

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