Monday, February 13, 2012

Magic Eraser

Have you ever heard of them? Have you ever witnessed one being used or used one yourself?

I've heard of them over the years and I have to be honest. I really didn't believe that they were all that great. I mean really, how could an "eraser" remove ink marks, crayons, markers etc from the floor? cupboard? walls?

Couldn't you just use a regular eraser from a pencil if that was the case?

Well, I ended up getting one the other day as my almost 2 year old got a hold of a crayon and went to town... the light switch, the wall, the laundry room doors and more were striped with blue crayon. Oh and lets not forget the cupboard door that was attacked with a pencil.

I was AMAZED at how WELL and EASILY it worked.

I started on the cupboard with the pencil. It came right off. My husband made a comment about how impressed he was as I didn't even get it wet. I looked at him all puzzled. Apparently he knew more about them than I did, as he knew you were meant to get it wet and I didn't. HAHA I read the box AFTER he mentioned it and sure enough it said to wet it down.

I didn't... not even when I went to remove the crayon from the light switch, wall or the laundry room door. I mean, why do that if it is working as it was?!

I took some photos of the crayon as I didn't think to take photos until after the pencil was totally removed. Unfortunately, they are cell phone photos so they aren't the greatest, but I used what I had.

By the way, if you're wondering, I got 4 of them for less than $4.00 at Walmart in the cleaning product aisle.

Here are the BEFORE photos and the AFTER photos

laundry room door, before

laundry room door, after

wall, before
 wall, after

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