Thursday, February 16, 2012

Photography Package Cost

Where do you normally go to get professional photos taken? How much is a typical photo shoot?

What would you pay for the following:
1.5hrs of shooting time
Up to 5 people
10 black and white images
75 images on a cd

I normally go to a family friend. I've known Christina of Wilson Family Photography since I was in kindergarten.

I go to Christina not only because she isn't pushy but because she's professional and affordable.

She currently has 3 photo packages. Her packages are as follows; $25, $50 and $75. She does events as well, however, they're cost is is per occasion as each occasion is different.

Remember the last question I asked? The one about what you would pay for 1.5hrs of shooting time, up to 5 people, 10 black and white images and 75 images on a cd??

I ask this because I received an email from Living Social that was offering the package for the low discounted price of $65. Which is a FANTASTIC deal, I agree. However, I was BLOWN AWAY at what the original price is normally without the coupon.

Would you think it was $150? $250? $350? $450?

If you guessed $450 you're right! Seriously?! That in my opinion is totally outrageous. It isn't like it is a wedding, baptismal or anything of that nature. There is NO way I would pay that for photos. Not even if I had $100,000.00

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