Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Vault Denim's, Tour de Vault!

I can hardly wait to attend. I just know that I'm going to meet some amazing people and learn a lot more about the company. It is exciting! Not to mention I get to see family while I'm there.

I just started with Vault Denim the end of February and am so thankful that I did! It has been an amazing experience so far.

One thing that drew me to Vault Denim was that as a Vault Fashion Consultant I'm able to decide when I can and can't work. I get to be my own boss. I like that because I have 2 small children, another home based business and we're getting ready to move out of state to a place that I don't know many people.

The biggest decision maker for me to join was that I didn't have to have an inventory, no monthly auto-ship. That in itself was the biggest green light of them all. An added bonus is that they give you your website and back office FREE.

I hosted my first party. I had an open house at my home. I was able to have my children home with me. My husband was here with one of our mutual friends and we had a yard sale that day too. I did all of that AND I was "working" while getting to chat with all my friends that came to look at jeans. How great is that?!

One thing that I liked with hosting the open house was that I was able to take advantage of the hostess rewards from the party. I got a $62.00 pair of jeans for just $25!!! Oh, I should add that they are authentic designer jeans!! I was able to do this with the hostess rewards I earned from my guests purchasing jeans for themselves.

Here is a video on what you get in your Vault Denim business kit.

If you're interested in more information on becoming a Vault Fashion Consultant for Vault Denim let me know. There are several Tour De Vault's around the United States and I'm sure there is one close to you. You don't have to have me there with you, but I do need to pass along your information so that the host of the event can fill you in on everything as I won't be there to do so. They're scheduled for roughly an hour!

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