Monday, March 12, 2012

Laundry, save money doing it?!

How do you sort your laundry?

How do you wash your laundry?

What kind of laundry soap to you use?

I sort our laundry into 4 groups:
I have whites which consist of all of my husband's undershirts, socks and white towels.
I have towels, jeans and sweatshirts/coats
Then I have "the rest". HAHA Which consists of my socks, our shirts, shorts, pajama bottoms etc
Then there is the kids' clothes, they get washed all by themselves.

I wash ALL of it in cold water and rinse in cold water. All of the loads are washed on normal except the kids', their clothes are washed on delicate. I dry on normal.

I've learned over the years, some from my mom and some from the internet, washing your clothing in cold water helps save you money in more way than one.

Cold water of course costs less than warm/hot water so it saves you there. Not to mention that it helps preserve the life of your clothes, so with them lasting longer you're not having to go out and buy new clothes, so it saves you money this way as well.

Another great way to help preserve the life of your clothes is to turn them inside out...Yup, that's right it helps keep the color looking bright longer! It is an especially important thing to remember to do if there are any "sticker" images/letters etc on the article of clothing. That helps keep it intact longer so it isn't all ratty looking! Drying them on low also helps too of course as it doesn't get heated as much on a normal dry cycle.

Lastly the laundry soap I use is the laundry soap I make. It takes just a little bit of time and makes quite a bit. It lasts a long time and the cost per load is less than $0.02. Can't beat that really! Another benefit to the laundry soap I make is that it is okay to use for cloth diapers, which we have! I use the laundry soap for all of our laundry instead having to switch between loads. Its great.

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  1. I sort my laundry in 4
    Whites, darks, colors and towels. Simple easy, im not spending hours on end washing, i try to do one a day and it works. All washed and rinsed in cold.