Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Holy gas mileage!

So, the family and I recently took a trip back home to Oregon. We left Boise Friday in the early morning (around 2am) and went back to Bend for the weekend.

We stopped in Caldwell at the Flying J (exit 29) and filled up with gas. We didn't make any stops for gas again until Sunday evening.

Going the speed limit is fabulous for your gas mileage. I read a tip on saving money from Pinterest and was a bit skeptical on it. It appears as though it is pretty accurate though.

Considering I speed a little (approximately 5mph over the speed limit in town (some times) and a little more on the highway/freeway, and normally don't see 400 miles to a tank of gas. I'd say there is a lot of truth in going the speed limit does save you money!

I can't believe the kind of gas mileage my car got! I haven't seen over 411 miles to a tank that I can remember, EVER. Not even in someone else's car.

My husband calculated the mileage that we got for the trip. It was approximately 31 miles to the gallon! Crazy right?!

Before filling up on Sunday I was wanting to go around the block a few times to see just how many miles I could get to the tank before my low fuel light came on. However, we didn't have time to do so. So the last record I have before getting more gas is 446.9 miles.

Here is a photo that I recently posted to my personal Facebook page. A friend of mine asked what kind of a car I have, while another asked how many gallons my gas tank held. My car is a 2007 Kia Spectra and the manual states it is 14.5 gallons for the tank.

As you can see there is 400.5 miles on the tripometer and about a 1/4 of a tank left to go. 

The next photo is the last one I took right before pulling up to the gas station. Notice the numbers and the fact that the low mileage light is NOT on :)

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