Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Videos- Yes or No?

Do you all like videos? I think I have found a way to put up some videos for when I do a product review! And for other miscellaneous things. haha

I was thinking of doing photos and such but that just isn't as effective in my opinion. At the time it was all I had to work with though so that's why I was going to do it that way. 

Please keep in mind when you watch the videos that will be coming up, I do NOT have any experience with video editing. So they may not be the most professional when it comes to being put together. 

However, I can tell you they will be family friendly. There will be no curse words or nudity of any kind so you won't have to worry if you're at work or if your children happen to want to watch. I know my children LOVE videos and are always wanting to watch what I have on my screen. 

It is important for me for my followers to not have to worry about where they are or who is around when they come to my blog. 

I'm thinking in the future of purchasing video editing software if necessary. My husband THINKS that I might have something on my computer already that MIGHT work. We'll see. 

So, I need to know, what kind of videos are you most interested? What kind of products would you love to see IN ACTION before buying? Please share any and all ideas with me. HELP ME HELP YOU!~ 

You can post publicly or anonymously as a comment or use the contact tab to message me directly. None of your personal information will be shared if you wish for it to be kept secret. 

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