Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Adding Weights

Yup, I'm thinking its time to add in some weights. You know the ones that can go around your arms or your ankles?! However, I am NOT thinking about adding them to my work out!

I'm thinking of adding them around the legs of the kitchen chairs!!!

I can't leave the room for a minute to put laundry away, change over the laundry or anything else without my almost 2 year old taking the kitchen chair and moving it across the kitchen to the counter and getting into things he knows he should not.

Just this morning while I was busy with the laundry he scooted the chair over to the counter. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't just moved my Scentsy plug in warmer yesterday. I now have the piece of plug in warmer that is meant to help stabilize it STUCK in the outlet while the plug in is NOT in there. :(

I know I should be able to get it out pretty easily but that's not the point. I can't stay in the kitchen with him all day when there are things to be done and I can't really be having him follow me every where as he would be in the way and could possibly get hurt, especially if my arms are full of laundry and I can't see him. I could easily run into him, knock him down etc without knowing what was going on before it happen.

I can't wait until he grows out of the "I'm a monkey, I can and will climb on anything and everything I want and can." phase!

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