Saturday, August 18, 2012

Eyelash extensions!

A couple weeks ago we had a previous instructor from the school I'm attending come in and demonstrate eyelash extensions. She even allowed those of us who were interested in practicing putting them on the model she brought in and then we practiced on each other.

I'm excited about them! So excited that I have purchased the supplies that I need to be able to apply full sets and fills to those clients that are interested in having them! 

They take a bit of time to apply of course, but it is totally worth it in my opinion. When those who have them wake up in the morning there is no need to apply mascara on your top eyelashes! You can wake up and go if that's all that you apply in the morning or when you go out! 

For the first 5 models there will be a $20 charge. The next set of 5 models will have a $40 charge. The $20 is more for supplies as they will be helping me with getting acquainted with the process and supplies. The $40 charge will be to help offset supplies and also help compensate a little bit for the time it takes. 

This cost is for FULL SETS of eyelash extensions. Which if you were to go to a spa in the area would cost $150+! 

My supplies should be here by the middle of September and I should be able to get started by the 25th depending on my model's schedules. I'm so excited that I can hardly contain myself! 

Here is a before/after photo of eyelash extensions. I did NOT apply those eyelash extensions nor did I take the photo. I do not know the model in the photo as it came from a search I did on It is only for visual purposes! 

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