Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning?! Less is more?!

I guess you could call it that. haha

So, I've never done Spring cleaning before. Yes, I have cleaned our house and such but never a deep clean as most do around Spring time.

This year has been DIFFERENT to say the least. We put our house on the market and if you've ever done that you know what a task it can be.

Okay so putting it on the market isn't such a task for the homeowner. However, getting it READY to be on the market, that's a whole other story, right?!

Well, for me it was one of those things that took a bit of time. Not only because I was doing it by myself but because I have 2 small children. Lets not forget all the CRAP that we have accumulated over the years as well. Omgosh, there is so much that I don't even know where it all came from.

Needless to say I'm a FIRM believer that less is more! It really is. We had to take a majority of what was in the house and box it and put it in the garage. So now instead of our house being full of it, our garage is. haha

Next task on the list is going through and clearing out the garage, one box at a time. There's a yard sale set up for this weekend, I'm hoping that helps clear out a lot. We'll have another one in April as well to help clear out even more.

Craziest thing though... we had our house on the market for less than 2 hours and someone wanted to see it. Got an offer on the house within 24hrs. Received an offer OVER our asking price within 48 hours. It is CRAZY! I mean I know those looking to buy it are getting a fabulous deal but I had no idea it would be so quick.

We're looking at having to be out of our house in approximately 60 days as long as all goes well. I seriously can't believe all the changes going on and how busy I've been and will be for the next few months. But I know it is ALL going to PAY OFF!

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