Sunday, April 15, 2012

We arrived in Boise!!!

The kids and myself arrived in Boise late Friday night/early Saturday morning..depends on how you look at it when its after 12am. HAHA

It wasn't planned to go through the whole way, we were going to stay over Friday night in John Day but as you probably all know... things change!

The drive wasn't bad at all. Pulling the trailer wasn't horrible either. I actually forgot at times that I was pulling a trailer. Crazy huh?!

Granted the trailer wasn't that big (4x8) and it wasn't that full but I was pulling it with a Sante Fe. Not the biggest vehicle to use of course, but it did really well and I was quite impressed.

There are so many emotions I'm experiencing. I'm happy and excited to be here and anxious to start school. At the same time I'm sad to be away from my husband and for the kids to be away from their father. I'm scared of how I'm going to do in school... Actually I'm more scared of AFTER school.

How do you find that you get through things when you are hit with so many emotions at one time? Do indulge in delicious fattening food? Hang out with your friends and family? Maybe dive into a hobby?

Its harder for me now as I'm not at home with all my belongings. I was limited on what I could bring. I'm thinking I may have to take a trip and get some items to help me pass the time and be able to busy myself.

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