Sunday, January 22, 2012

Packing! What's your method?

When packing to move how do you do it? Are you alone? Have some help? Have someone do it for you? 

Where do you start? The bedrooms? Bathroom(s)? Kitchen? 

Do you mark each box? Do you use different kinds of boxes so you "just know" what's in them?

I have moved several times before, however, it was just myself and my things. I have a family now...a husband, daughter and a son. I've accumulated a few things over the years, okay a few is probably a HUGE understatement, but you get the idea. 

I usually am pretty good about knowing where to start and what to do but this time I'm somewhat at a loss... I want to DE-CLUTTER. However, all my life I grew up around those that kept almost everything. You know with the "I could use this for..." or the "Oh I need that for this..." kind of mentality. 

I want to BREAK AWAY from that. I don't want to have all this stuff in my house if it truly isn't needed and won't be used. I mean what's the point?! 

I'm going to have to dig deep inside myself and really let go of a lot...its going to be hard but I'm determined to do it. Not only for myself but my family. Especially my children. I don't want them growing up surrounded by clutter and crap. Yes, they're surrounded by love which is important but they don't need the added crap, right?! 

And the cherry on top of the whole thing... I can't allow my husband to help pack anything but what is truly his because he may not keep things that need to be kept. Not only that but I would have NO idea where anything was and when it came to unpacking, it would be a total nightmare... Looks like I better get started now! haha

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