Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving = long car ride

Our yearly Thanksgiving tradition involves going up to WA to spend it with my brother, his wife, their baby and my mom. We reside in OR so it is at least 7hrs if not more depending on the traffic and the weather.

Thankfully most of the trip is on the freeway which means you can go a little faster than if it was on the highway. However, the traffic and the weather play a big part in being able to go the speed limit, regardless of what type of road you're on of course.

This trip up to WA was thankfully dry for the most part, no snow or ice like last year. Traffic wasn't too bad on the way up there as we had left our house at about midnight Wednesday morning.

The trip on the way home was another story. Not because of the weather. Not because of the traffic... but because of our daughter. She was NOT happy about how long the trip was taking as we had left just after noon on Saturday. She was awake as she doesn't take naps.

She repeatedly asked, "Why is it taking so long?". She also kept saying, "This trip takes too long.".

Try explaining to a 3 year old how long a trip takes when it is over 300 miles from your house. It doesn't happen.

We even have a DVD player in our Denali. Brought along ALL of the kids' movies so they could watch whatever they wanted. The DVD player was no match for her.

I guess its a good thing we don't normally take long trips!

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