Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Save $15 on Avery office products @ Staples

That's right, thank you Raining Hot Coupons for sharing! 

You can save $15.00 on AVERY office products from Staples and get FREE delivery. 

The only "catch" is you have to have at least $15.01 of AVERY office products in your cart and choose delivery to the store nearest you for FREE shipping.  

Use the coupon code 25172 at check out! 

I just ordered:
3 sets of Avery Office Essentials Insertable Dividers Multicolor 5 tab
1 set of Avery Write On Big Tab Dividers 5 tab set. White tabs
2 1-1/2" Avery Economy Binder with Label holder and round Rings. Color black
1 Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery Stack Fit Shagreen small box, color blue

My total was $15.23, shipping to my house would have been $9.95. However, I chose to have it shipped to the store, so my out of pocket cost was $0.23!!! 

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