Saturday, December 31, 2011

Old treasures...

Ever wonder what happened to your favorite pair of jeans? favorite photo of yourself? your child?

Have you ever started organizing and cleaning up the closet or file cabinet that you hadn't been in, in over 6 months? or a year? Only to find some "hidden" old treasures?

While looking for some photo CDs yesterday, I found some photos that I knew we had but had forgotten about. My daughter with Santa Claus, the photos taken when she was 1 and other photos. I also found this AMAZING book that I thought was only about healthy eating, turns out there is more to it....more on that in a bit! :)

It led me to signing into Myspace as I knew there were tons of photos there, because before Facebook that's all I had for convenience to share photos with family and friends.

Oh my, the fun and the laughter there was looking through the photos. Photos of just my husband and I (wasn't my husband at the time of course), our daughter when she was a newborn (now 3 years old) and so many more.

One of my New Years Resolutions is to be more organized and not keep the useless things in my life. I figure they go hand in hand. I want it to be easier and less frustrating for me when I'm looking for that specific item. Ya know?!

Another one is to take better care of myself and my family. The book I found will definitely help with that. Its called, It's The Right Time To Take a Pledge For Better Health. It was given to me so I didn't really think too much of it at the time, I was told it was a healthy recipe book.... I'm not going to lie, it got put down in the cupboard with the other recipe books I had received over the years because I really didn't cook from scratch, nor was I into "healthy" as normally it meant that it would NOT taste good.

Well, I'm going to be following some of the tips in the book for a healthier me. I will be sharing them over the weeks to come for all of you that may be interested as well. The title of the blogs that deal with the book will be called "Its the Right Time" and each one will have a number behind it so you know its a new one of course. :)

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